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High Summer’s sound is a visceral groove.


Original compositions are complimented by well-curated covers that highlight the group’s dynamic musical exploration over a deep-pocket rhythmic foundation, born from years of collaboration in some of Vermont’s finest bands.


Strong horns layer with the golden voice of Miriam Bernardo, with rich melodies of keys and strings built over a rock solid rhythm section.

This deep groove outfit is composed of long-time members of the Burlington musical community, who are current or former members of groups such as Steady Betty, Afinque, Michelle Sarah Band, Mal Maiz, Japhy Ryder, Myra Flynn’s FLYNN, Barika, and many others.




Miriam Bernardo - vocals
Andric Severance - keyboards
Jon McCartan - bass guitar
Jason Thime - drums
Al Teodosio - guitar
Matt DeLuca - percussion
Matt Davide - baritone saxophone
Jacob Deva Racusin - tenor saxophone, percussion


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